Once upon a time

in a far off kingdom

lived a maiden

or was it a prince?


And does it even matter

now that the moment is near

and there creeps the spiders

in the skin, on the heart.

Anxiety. Fear.

Call it what you may


Now there is a myriad of suns

exploding between my ribs

beneath them as well

exploding into nothing, and

re-existing like a phoenix

excitement for a rose goes not by any other name                               


Today is the day

where the lights will flash


Where the shadowy silhouettes

will clap, and we all hope laugh

where the lights are spotted

on a single being who is

being yet another


Where we think of the laughter

to come.

Where we wish one another

a fractured limb!


Because words of kind fortune

would fail us.


Where my heart swells

where the tears threaten to brim

where the meaning of love is realized

and already known.


And once upon a time

the lights deem

the crowd leaves

the make-up removed

and the roses thrown


And once upon a time

the curtains close

the tears spill

and nothing last

not even forever.


Once upon a time

a story was brought to life

and a moment in life

is brought to an end.


–         Covenant Babatunde