For you may not even realize

and with realization one must decide
to be concerned.
A letter to the five of you
in terms of importance.
A letter of apology due
Once we met,
twice as well
and many times after.
No names shall be given.
Know who you are?
Know who you are.
I am not willing
to be caring.
Not today when concern
is at play.
One. That’s you.
You do not fit in this equation.
But one must start somewhere.
And so with this I begin. Not to critic
but to praise.
You are constantly there, and always true
to who it is I want to be
and as you rush towards me.
only I can leave you behind.
One. The First
to be there
though never the first to go.
The first to care,
and rarely the first to know.
This is about my anger,
not my love. And too much you ask of me.
When you know I have been stretched thinner
than the thinnest word in the dictionary.
(In) ((order)/ too much /(of) /me)) (importance).
You mean the most
but for you I care the least
or so I prove with underhand
One. Forgive. Me.
Two. A friend,
no rougher nor tougher
than (you)- there- should be.
Words that slice me
because I refuse to comprehend.
Because I’ve not played my role.
As a friend. I left you in times
of (need), but
you did the same to (me).
For you there is anger.
There is rage.
Is disappointment.
but always for you there is love.
Two we will only grow apart.
I’m tired of gripping. Not solely
to you, but to everyone.
And though my love for you was
the clearest. It has taken
the biggest toll.
As two leads to three.
Who at times seems better, than I
want you to be.
Two, Forgive me.
Three. Laughter comes first to mind, pf
both (you are) sick and kind.
Weaker still than those who proceed you.
Yet both their spots you have
They say you come as you go.
But you go. Never wanting to come
back to who you were.
I ask too much
but not the most of you, from you
I want the most. Three,
For. Give me.
Four. Briefly there.
Nothing quite wrong.
An addition, instead of a subtraction.
You’ve been dragged. Into this world.
Should I ask forgiveness?
Five. In order of importance.
It last but not least, sweet words.
 I think the least of you. A lack of strength
with all the wrong convictions.
Fear of people because you do them wrong.
You are to blame for your unrest. Yet as always.
I could,
do better,
care more,
forgive thee.
It is possible,
each of you,
a piece (in this equation)
of the life I live
and that which I am.
Reflects of my worse
for I bring you to yours.
I’ve asked forgiveness.
I do not need it.
I ask you to forgive me,
only since we are a mirror.
And for one to forgive, the other must start.
From a lover,
A best friend,
a love interest,
a new friend,
and one once lost now fake.